Smooth Feather Youth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to support activities for youth in our community where participants can learn from one another, discover new possibilities for their lives, and use their individual and collective creativity to explore positive change.

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Special Thanks to our Patrons: Bobbie Jo Rand, Elizabeth Sanborn, Ellen Collard, Jennifer Sanborn, John Lowry, Judith Hikes, Julie Anderson, Leslie Croteau, Luanne Stacey Mudgett, Nancy Serrell, Revolution of Hope, Santana Eastman, Scott Collard, Rick Sullivan, Britt Wolfe, Lisa Ward-Edgerly, Kathy Chaiklin, Amy Todd, Andrew Cottle, Bill and Ellen Dimond, Christina Forsyth, Geoffery Ives, Heath Rogers, Jennifer Lewis, John Leavitt, Joline Ridlon-Perkins, Julie and Tom Myers, Lynn Kearney, Marty Tracy, Tiffany Wentworth.

Smooth Feather Film School is a one-week film school hosted at the Kezar Falls Theater every August where local youth write, film, and edit an original film. Last year, we had a one-to-one student to staff ratio, which provided our participants with a high level of professional instruction. The past two years, we have had a sold-out red carpet premiere and it has been amazing to see the support from the community, as well as the creativity pouring out of our youth. 


Smooth Feather Excursions is an after school adventure program for young men & women. Our aim is to immerse ourselves in the beautiful Maine outdoors while establishing a powerful bond. Smooth Feather Excursions offers this opportunity to a handful of participants every winter, spring, and fall. The tuition for each of our students is free thanks to the generous donations that we receive every year from our Smooth Feather Youth Patrons. 


"Words can't express the gratitude i have for you with this film school and everything you did for my daughter. You opened her heart as well as mine. Thank you." -Steven Eastman, Porter, ME